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Questions & Answers for Employers

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By switching to the UK’s only Childcare Voucher provider that reinvests all of its profits to a children’s charity Children’s Links you can be confident that your organisation is committed to improving the lives quality and experiences of Children, young people and their families.. For every one of your employees registered to use our Childcare Vouchers, our charity can provide play sessions with additional support.
Linking Up will charge a management fee but this is offset by the savings you make from the National Insurance contributions per employee. Our Management fee is only taken when vouchers are There are no set up fees There are no minimum amount charges There is no minimum amount your employees have to have when reducing their monthly sacrifice.
Click the register button the main Linking Up page, complete the details click Submit and we will do the rest!
You recover the full cost of the bike and you will also generate a NICs saving up to 13.8% of its value. completely free to join Cycling to work can help employees to be more engaged and increase productivity. You can help reduce the strain on parking and put an end to congestion problems at your workplace.